Birch Point Rainbow

Birch Point Rainbow

Yesterday, we left the cabin early in the morning. Pulling out of the driveway, we sounded the Master’s salute on our car horn, but at that hour, I wonder if it was heard at all. On the way, at the Green Tunnel road’s corner, we saw the pictured rainbow out over the lake, a fitting end to a cold and wet summer. Although, it looks like the forecast for this coming week is fair. Go figure.

On our way south, we stopped at Mackinac Island for a bicycling playdate, but I’ll save the telling of that adventure for another post. We continued south to Ann Arbor, where we met Jane for dinner. We went to Homes, a Thai micro-brewery on the west side of town.

This morning, Harry gave us a wakeup call, which got us on the road earlier than otherwise. After gasing and Starbucks, we left town. We made good time, eight hours, instead of the usual ten. Some speeding might have been involved, but then we also only made two stops. In central Illinois, we picked up the Cards game on KMOX. The Redbirds went on to lose the game, snapping an eight game winning streak, but now sitting only a game out of first in the division, the team is doing a lot better than when I left town. It feels good to be home again.

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