Doelle Sunset

Doelle Sunset

There was a party held last night in honor of Barbara, who passed earlier this week. I guess that you could call it a wake, but it seemed less formal than that and a lot more fun too. She was the oldest person on the beach. Now that honor falls to Harry. Many people never obtain any such recognition for longevity, so it should be viewed as an honor.

Dan left the cabin today. Dan, Anne and I had breakfast at a Portage Street diner called Frank’s Place. Afterwards, we hugged all-around and bade him farewell and then launched him back to Saint Louis. Next up, Anne and I did laundry. Then we met Bubs and Harry for lunch at Penny’s. Bubs had had her staples removed from her fall last week. Anne and I were still too full from Frank’s, so that at Penney’s we only had smoothies. With Dan’s departure, I am again the youngest, tallest, handsomest and smartest person at the cabin. At least if you measure your smarts with an ass.

Yesterday, the weather was muggy, calm and close. Today, it was cooler and windy, weather that I much prefer. I checked the forecast for the next ten days and they are predicting rain for seven of them. It has been an unusually wet summer. Good for the bugs! 😦

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