Emerging from the Fog

The Honorable James L Oberstar Emerges from the Fog

It was a dark and stormy night… That was last night. It rained all night. The tap-tap-tapping on the roof kept waking me up. This was preceded by yesterday’s rain and the day’s before that and then the day’s before that. We’ve had a lot of rain, about three days worth, but none today and then, ta-da! The sun came out and it was a beach day. We’ll get a sunset tonight for sure. Maybe, I’ll even get to see stars tonight? I hope that I can stay up late enough. We did a lot today.

Earlier today, the four of us (Bubs, Harry, Anne and I — or is it me?) all trooped into town. First up was laundry. I got to escape for a while during the wash cycle and headed down to Portage, where setup was underway for a basketball tournament tomorrow. I also got pictures of a lake boat locking through. Lunch was a Chinese buffet, at which I thoroughly pigged-out. Afterwards, we shopped Jo-Ann’s (don’t ask), then more food at Meijer’s and back to cabin & beach…

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  1. Nice description ☺ on a different note we always got prompt for writing essays it was always It was a dark and stormy night… wonderful memories

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