Dappled Sunset

Dappled Sunset

This photo is not from today, which was more of a cabin day then a beach day. I woke up to the tap-tap-tapping of a steady rain falling on the uninsulated roof of the sleeping porch and then it rained off and on throughout the day. When it was not raining, it was still pretty dreary and cold out, not a beach day. We’ve had a lot of rain so far this summer, which has been good for the bugs, bad for the road and kind of meh for the rest of us, but now that it is getting hot down south, the weather up here should get nicer. 

We played games today to pass the time, Scrabble, Dominion and Civilization. Rey won the Scrabble game by placing two 7 letter / +50 point plays, but still only beat Anne by twenty points. I lost the Dominion game badly, again. Mainly, because the rules keep changing from game to game, when Rey and Becca change the types of cards used. Later, I found solace with a computer game of Civilization. Bubs and Harry went off to a high school reunion event. Leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves come dinnertime. So, Anne, Rey, Becca and I will all troop over to Pickles for dinner tonight.

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