Foggy Beach

This photo shows yesterday’s fog, while looking down the beach from Doelle’s. Later, it cleared off and we had a very nice beach day. Today, it started off nice, but rain eventually rolled in. While it was nice, we all went to the Dancing Crane coffee shop. Then some of us continued on to the Point Iroquois lighthouse. Almost nightly, Becca leads us in a strategy game. She has brought two, Dominion and Ticket to Ride. The first is a card game, where the player are competing rulers and the objective is to collect the most land cards for your fiefdom. It is by far the more complicated of the two. Especially, considering that we are not even playing the entire game yet, with its multifaceted array of cards. It can be played both constructively and destructively. In Dominion, you can choose to either strive to better your own hand of cards or work to diminish the other player’s hands or both. I personally prefer Ticket to Ride, which is a railroad board game. The object of this game is to build your own rail network. It is a simpler game, with more luck and less strategy involved. Interestingly, on its highly stylized map of the US, it has the Soo as one of the destination. 

6 thoughts on “Atmospherics

  1. I enjoyed the photo very much. I helps fulfill a longing for nature I am unable to satisfy these days except through photographs. I was particularly interested in what looks like a vertical crack in the water that follows the contours of the shore. In fact there is a repetition of the liquid gesture on the sand itself. I imagine it must be the effect of the light that makes the water seem fissured .One is accustomed to seeing the motifs of the water echoed in the reddish sand/earth of the shoreline–but here it is almost as if the water were anticipating the solid motif of the land.

      • Once I saw a photo of the Chain Bridge in Budapest in winter fog, you could only see a third of the bridge (if that), the rest was lost in the fog but it had loads of atmosphere… it made me realise that winter/cloudy/foggy photos are not invariably rubbish by default and if mine are, it’s for my lack of skill rather than general lack of light! 🙂

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