Lord willing and the Creek don’t rise

You Really Need to Floss More

Well the creek did rise, but it’s beginning to subside. We’ve gotten a foot of rain in the last week and flooding has gotten to be pretty widespread. It all began last Friday, the same day that we met Chris in Rolla. Latter last weekend multiple stretches of I-44 were closed due to flooding, making that trip no longer possible. Last weekend’s storm was bad, but we had another multi-day event that ended just yesterday and it was just as bad. We are now looking forward to a period of dryness, where the water can go back down again and I might be able to try out my new lawn sprinkler system, which precipitated all of this rain to begin with.

Interestingly, the saying that I’m using as this post’s title originated with one Benjamin Hawkins, a 19th-century American-Indian agent, who was working in the Ohio valley. He first wrote it in response to a presidential request that he come to Washington. He capitalized the C in Creek, because he was concerned about an Indian uprising and not as I’ve used it, flooding. 

Finally, when I was at the Saint Louis Zoo last, I caught one the seal feedings. In these events a group of keepers files into the enclosure all clad in rain gear, latex gloves and rubber boots. Each one is armed with a plastic wand and a bucket of fish, mackerel to be exact. They use the wand as a focus for the seals, who they ask to do little tricks, like spinning around or as pictured submit to having their teeth brushed. Adjacent to the seal enclosure is an auditorium, where the Sea Lions put on shows, but that is only open in the summer. In the meantime, these daily feeding will just have to do instead. I doubt that the seals have been phased by all of our rain. Life is always all wet for them.

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