Playing or Fighting?

Playing or Fighting?

Anne went to school today and since there was no rain today, I decided to get out and about on my own. I went to the zoo, on the thought that a cool and blustery Monday would not draw much of a crowd there. I was wrong though, I guess because it is May-day, a lot of kids were out of school. Still, many of the animals seemed equally glad to put the rain behind them. I imagine that the weekend’s storms, what with all of their thunder and lightning must have kept many of them confined to their buildings.

These two zebras seemed to be the most frisky of all the animals that I saw at the zoo today. I couldn’t tell whether they were playing or fighting. If they were playing it was a pretty rough play, because they kept nipping at each other, but they seemed equally matched with each one giving as well as they got. So, I would have to characterize their activity as play or mating, but not fighting.

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    • There are several zebra enclosures and the zoo keepers are good at monitoring animal behavior. If it is a problem they can be separated. The adjacent Snow Leopard sure noticed their behavior. Thank you!

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