Back in the Saddle Again

Back in the Saddle Again

I’m not sure if I’ve used this photo before or not. My records show that I haven’t, but I could be wrong. Who knows? It is from back in February, when we can be seen enjoying some rather balmy weather. It was even warmer yesterday, when we again went for a bike ride in Forest Park. It hit 80 ºF. Later, it was so warm in the house that I began opening windows. This worked well until I opened the bedroom windows. The sash cords had rotted away, so that when I unlocked the window, the upper part came crashing down. Yes, there was some broken glass. Today, I set about repairing the damage. First stop, was a little bit of education at YouTube U, which was quite helpful. Next up was some disassembly work. Our windows are the original 1937 double hung windows, with zinc weights. I had to take the two bedroom windows apart, removing trim and the windows themselves just to get to the pockets where the sash weights hangout. I also had to remove the broken glass from the affected window frame. A trip to the hardware store was next, for new sash cord and unbroken panes of glass. I caulked the new panes in and while the caulk was drying, I replaced all of the sashes. Anne got home from school, before I could finish putting everything back together again. I call that extra credit, but mission accomplished. The old windows work again, as good as new.

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