We went to the zoo today. Although it was much cooler than yesterday, it was still nice to get out. We first walked through the park and then walked around the zoo. Many of the animals at the zoo were outside today, though it seemed that some who were out wanted to go back inside. Pictured is a serval, which is the smallest big cat in the zoo. The only thing big about this sub-Saharan feline is its ears. With the zoo not being as crowded as it surely was yesterday, the animals were doing a lot. Like while we were passing the bantengs, a group of equestrians also passed by. They had been riding in the park. The bantengs alerted and went over to investigate the horses. The horses didn’t seem to be all that interested in them though. I’ve got plenty more great animal shots to unwind through the course of this week. The serval is kind of an odd cat. It is close in size and features to the house cat, but still different enough to be exotic.

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