Funnel Cake or Monkey Bread?

Gorilla Eating a Funnel Cake

Gorilla Eating a Funnel Cake

So, how many gorillas does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Only one, but it takes a whole lot of lightbulbs.

When I visited the zoo last month, the gorillas were finishing up their afternoon treat, which that day happened to be funnel cake. When I arrived, they were pretty much down to the crumbs. I was more amused though by the reaction to all this by some of the other visitors. They were aghast that the zoo would give the gorillas junk food, like funnel cakes. I like funnel cakes and I suppose that those other people did too and it was clear that the gorillas liked them too. I don’t eat funnel cake all that often. Just as I’m sure that the gorillas don’t get funnel cake every day either. It must be a special treat that helps to enrich their lives a little.

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    • Next door to the gorillas are the orangutans. I didn’t get any good photos of them, because most of their viewing windows were boarded up. Apparently an adult orangutan has quite the pitching arm and can hurl a 100+ MPH fastball. Whenever they feel threatened or annoyed by the viewing public they can throw a stone with such force that it shatters the inch thick plate safety glass windows of their enclosures, which then go all spider webby like the windshield of a car. Four of the six windows were boarded up when I was there last.

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