Attempted Murder?

Stalking Raven

Stalking Raven

It was near the end of the day. It had been a busy one. We had done a lot of walking that day and I was feeling a wee bit tired. We had been on the road for almost two weeks. I was sitting in the atrium of Yosemite Lodge, on the edge of the little amphitheater there. I had my head down, because I was playing with my phone, trying to get a blog post published using an uncertain Wi-Fi connection. Anne had gone to the restroom, but when she returned she quickly alerted me that I was being stalked. I turned around and this guy was right behind me. It had been sneaking up behind me, probably motivated by the smell of the food in my bag. Since it was a raven and not a crow, I guess that murder wasn’t exactly on its mind, at least I hope so, just some nameless unkindness.

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