Ingozi’s Photo-booth Selfies Revealed

Ingozi's Photo-booth Selfies

Ingozi’s Photo-booth Selfies

In this year of one political bombshell after another, I dithered whether or not I should reveal these paparazzi like photographs of the so-called ‘King of the Beasts’, but not for long. At the Saint Louis Zoo, this three-year-old male lion is named Ingozi, which in Zulu means danger, hazard, risk and/or fatal accident. Meeting him on his own terms could easily lead to any and likely all of those things. Ingozi has been a very productive lion this year or should I say reproductive? Between his two lioness pride three cubs all female have been born this year, two in July and another one last month. Today’s mid-eighties first of November heat left him lounging around, napping and only stirring to groom himself. I glad that I took the time to treated myself today to a trip to the zoo. I’m taking myself to the zoo today, to the zoo today… The Saint Louis Zoo is the best zoo in the whole world, both because it is right next door me and plus it is free to all. Today was a glorious day!

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