In baiting a mouse trap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse – Saki

We saw these two highly stylized pillows in Quebec City. They first caught our attention in a museum gift shop, but once alerted we began to see them everywhere else there. They reminded us both of Dan’s twin charges, a pug and a cat that he has been caring for over the summer.

Yesterday, was a bit of a washout. It rained almost all of the day, but I was able to busy myself inside with chores. We had planned on attending our third play in one week, but this performance’s venue was outdoors and was rained out last night. It is scheduled to be in Maplewood and will run all weekend and is put on in conjunction with the Shakespeare in the Park people. A kind of community outreach. This play’s performance was supposed to be a mash-up of Hamlet, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night Dream. One of Anne’s kids plays the part of JFK in the play, so some ad-libbing will be involved.

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