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Saratoga Lanes Centennial Float

Saratoga Lanes Centennial Float

Yesterday, after my last workday, I went to downtown Maplewood where there was a festival going on. Officially, it was called “Heads will Bowl!” The genesis of this party was the centennial of Saratoga Lanes, a neighborhood bowling alley. These local establishments were once pretty common here in Saint Louis, but as time marched on most of them fell by the wayside. Saratoga has survived though and by the size and aspect of this celebration it has many more years ahead of it. There was a parade. The Steampunk roller derby team were part of the parade. Saint Louis loves its parades. There were also numerous artists hawking their wares. My big find was not art, but beer. It is increasingly more difficult to impress this writer, living here in what is arguably the beer capital of America, but last night I was impressed. I’m speaking of The Side Project Cellar. Now I didn’t actually enter this establishment, but I did partake on two occasions of their refined and eclectic cellar. They had a street booth out for the festival. I highly recommend the place and I would appreciate any feedback from those who have actually visited the place.

Steampunk Roller Derby Team

Steampunk Roller Derby Team

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