Chief Wana Dubie

Green Goddess Collective

Green Goddess Collective

Anne will be out-of-town this summer when Missouri’s August primary election for statewide offices will be held. She plans to absentee vote and yesterday was the very first day that one could do so. She went online, searching for a voter’s guide, but at this early date all that she could find were examples of the different party ballots. One candidate for US Senator immediately caught our attention and that was Chief Wana Dubie, a Democratic candidate. One might think that the chief is just a one issue candidate, but a perusal of his Facebook page indicates otherwise. For one he is a Bernie bro. He also appears to hold a number of other off-center opinions. Check it out. Wana Dubie, a Salem Missouri man with a burning marijuana leaf tattooed on his forehead says that he’s out to “smoke” the competition in the race. 56-year-old Chief Wana Dubie—given name Joseph Bickell—is running for the seat currently held by Republican Senator Roy Blunt Jr. Wana Dubie was sentenced to prison in 1997 and served five years after growing 135 marijuana plants in his front yard while declaring that he had seceded from the United States. Fellow Democrat and Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander has also announced his intention to seek this senate seat.

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