If The World Is Warming, Why Are You So Cold?

Oak Knoll Park's Red Eared Sliders

Oak Knoll Park’s Red Eared Sliders

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. We did manage to finally clean the Vote 4 Prop 4 advertisements off of Anne’s car. We couldn’t muster the gumption for a bike ride though. Instead, we walked through Oak Knoll Park and then through some of the rich neighborhoods in Clayton. It looks like there is a good crop this year of Red Eared Sliders. The big news is that I grilled. It has been a while since I’ve done that. We cooked brats and corn on the cob. Add a salad and voilà you have dinner. So, I setup the grill and then went shopping. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. The title of this post comes from a folk song by Emily Kaitz. It is about global warming, but is also my shout out to all the female Finns. Cold hand may mean a warm heart, but what about cold feet?

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