Saint Louis Modern

Saint Louis Modern

Saint Louis Modern

We went to the Saint Louis Art Museum on free Friday, to see this season’s featured show, “Saint Louis Modern”, a retrospective of mid-twentieth century modern art and design from Saint Louis’s point-of-view. Most of this exhibit was closed to photography, except for this Saint Louis built, Chevy Corvette, which was at the beginning. They still make the Corvette here, it just looks a lot different now. The show was full of furniture and home furnishings, think the likes of Eames and Herman Miller. It reminded both Anne and I a lot of both of our respective parent’s choice of décor. In the exhibit, Anne overheard a young couple. The man was telling his date, “You know if you make more than one of an object, it’s not art anymore, it’s craft. At least that’s what they teach us at Webster University.” Anne couldn’t resist flinging the pretentiousness of this other guy, right back into Dan’s face yesterday, but he was ready for her. He no longer considers himself to be a pretentious hipster, but rather now a Yuccie, a member of the young urban creative class and now sees the line blurred between art and craft. Especially, since he is about to start mass producing his art.

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