The Office Gnome

White Daisy

White Daisy

I went to yet another retirement celebration today. I really shouldn’t go these affairs. It’s been six month since the last one. Last year’s every old fart must go campaign kind of cleared out the backlog of retirements for a while. Today was the Gas Man’s turn in the barrel and as these coffee and cake, bad jokes and worst speeches affairs go, his was a pretty good one. The jokes were funny and the speeches were blessedly short. So another one bites the dust. Every day at work, I see fewer old faces and more fresh young ones. I am fast approaching the status of the old office gnome. Heck, I’m already there.

At Spacely Sprockets there is only one day a month that you can be hired and only one day a month that you can retire. The bean counters have decreed this to be and so it is, so I don’t know which day will be my last one yet, but I’ve narrowed the month down to one or two. I will likely go out on my birthday month or I might go out on the month after, we’ll see when the time comes. Financially, I think that I’m ready now and I’m still kicking myself for not taking Mr. Spacely up on last year’s free get out of jail early offer. The question is, am I ready psychologically? I’m ready to leave work in my rearview mirror and don’t even plan on looking back, but what to do next is the question?

We’ve got our bicycling together and I’ve got this blog. I know that that doesn’t sound like much, but both are powerful motivators to getting out of the house every day. There is also traveling and fixing up the house and make inane comments on Facebook to all of other retired friends. What else is there in life? The important thing is to get out of the house every day. I’ve read that it takes two years to adjust fully to retirement. I’ll worry about what to do next, when I’m no longer going to work, but until then, I still have to go to work tomorrow.

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  1. You are already partway through that 2-year adjustment to retirement, seeing your thoughts here. As for what to do? Volunteer at a local kids’ club a day or two per week; start a bicycle tour business, or plan some great vacations for you and Anne!

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