I’ve Got 99 Problems

Bronc in Cow Camp, Charles M Russell, 1897

Bronc in Cow Camp, Charles M Russell, 1897

… and a bronc ain’t one.

“I put a dollar in the change machine and nothing changed.” – George Carlin

Anne had a couple of broncs in first grade today and I guess that she broke them, because they both broke down into tears when she told these two little broncos that they would not be getting smiley faces for the day, but only so-so faces, because of their behavior. There are consequences for a person’s actions, even in the first grade. Still, as rough as today might sound, yesterday was far worse. A pre-school child barfed and Anne had to cleaned it up. I avoided all contact with her after I heard that. Tonight, Anne felt a little broken down too.


The western artist, Charles M. Russell, lived in Saint Louis. His family was a prosperous nineteenth-century Saint Louis family. Russell Boulevard is named after one of his relatives. When we did the Trailnet Tweed ride, we learned that the Russell family made its money in coal and clay and then used these products to make brick, once mined and made just south of present day Tower Grove Park. The pictured painting resides in the Amon Carter Museum, in Fort Worth.

My 99 problems (Part 1):

  1. People who get their news from CAPS LOCK email forwards.

Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you. Bye-Bye!

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