Shop ’til You Drop

Transitions 1 and 2, 2012, Jamie Okuma (Luiseno/Shoshone-Bannock/Okinawan-Hawaiian

Transitions 1 and 2, 2012, Jamie Okuma (Luiseno/Shoshone-Bannock/Okinawan-Hawaiian

We might describe our world as having retail sanity, but wholesale madness – Peter Thiel

Amazon announced Dash, a new service designed to ensure that you never run out of your household consumables. With Dash, each product that you subscribe to comes with a little button. It looks like a doorbell, with the product’s logo on it. Press the button and a Wi-Fi message is transmitted to Amazon central and a new package of say toilet paper appears on your doorstep. Now until Amazon get its drone service up and flying, you may find yourself sitting in the smallest room in the house for a long time, waiting and waiting …

Stranded, stuck on the toilet bowl. What do you do when you’re stranded and there’s no paper on the roll?

Last month was Girl Scout cookie season and everything was going just fine at work, until management stepped into it. A new decree was promulgated saying that the selling of Girl Scout cookies on company property is now prohibited. Word came down this year after the fact, but still there was an awful hue and cry that erupted from the parents of little girls. Jokes were made about arranging meets outside the fence to distribute the contraband. The only problem being that such meets would have to be further on down the fence from where the already ostracized smokers hangout. I suggested that the Girl Scouts offer the company a piece of the action, but since the Girl Scouts already only get such a small part of the proceeds, this was met with much derision.

In other news the plastering/painting has continued all week. Warm weather has allowed us to open the windows and dissipate the fumes at night. The ceiling and all of the trim is done. Tomorrow, he will “put up the walls” and be done with it. It is really looking quite nice and the difference between the rooms where he worked and those that have not been done is startling. After he is done, I plan on continuing on, with some of the easy rooms that were not done. I think that we will ask him to come back later though to do the rooms that were not done. We can move all of the stuff that we have piled up into those rooms, into the rooms that he has finished.

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