Copper Flower

Copper, La Paz, Bolivia

Copper, La Paz, Bolivia

The picture with this post is of a natural copper ore formation that is on display at the Smithsonian. I think that it looks like a flower and that it is beautiful.

Word came yesterday that our painter, formerly our plasterer, was ready to start work again tomorrow. This doesn’t give us much time to clean the walls, but we will do the best that we can. We did some cleaning of the walls and floors on Saturday, and moved a few pieces of furniture back into the effected rooms, but moving them back out won’t be that much work. Rob and his son are scheduled to finish the painting in only two days, which will put this episode quickly behind us, in plenty of time for Easter.

Dave will be coming home for Easter. Fresh from his skydiving adventures at Kitty Hawk. “What?” I hear you ask. Well it was news to us too. He posted pictures of himself safely landing on Facebook. I guess that he was on spring break. I seem to remember hearing him say that he was “thinking about” skydiving, but it didn’t seem all definite, when he said it. It kind of reminds me of his Central America trip. He had gotten an all-expenses paid package, but it did not include the optional zip-line, because the tour company had deemed that activity too dangerous and didn’t want to be held liable for any injuries. I had foolishly assumed that he wouldn’t be doing that either. Silly me. I saw the photos of that event later on Facebook also. It is a good thing that we are friends on Facebook with our son.

How about those Spartans? Going to the final four of the NCAA basketball tournament! While that win yesterday was sublime, it was tempered this morning at work. You see the guy who sits in the cube next to mine was a tad bit grumpy this morning. His team, Arizona, had been turned away by Wisconsin last weekend, for the second year in a row. He would have been grumpy for that reason alone, but with Michigan State winning that added only insult to injury. You see he is a rabid basketball fanatic, while I am only a fair weather basketball fan. He felt that he deserved to win, while I did not. Fortunately, the gods of college basketball didn’t see it that way. I feel that it is like our sons. You have to give them the space and freedom to be all that they can be. They will frequently surprise you, but also just as often amaze you. My sports teams are like this too. When they’re up, I’m up there with them, but when they are down, I’m not going to get down on them.

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