By the Sea

Fatata te Miti (By the Sea), 1892, Paul Gauguin

Fatata te Miti (By the Sea), 1892, Paul Gauguin

A poster version of this painting by Paul Gauguin hangs on the wall, over the toilet in my in-law’s bathroom. Over the years, I have spent many a long contemplative moment looking at it, while standing at the toilet. It is positioned perfectly for the male of the species to study, while females, I would hazard a guess, only momentarily glance at it, before turning their backs to it. Although, they can still view it in the mirror over the sink. I was pleased to see the original last week at the National Gallery. Two of the three figures in it are obviously female, while the third one in the distance is to my mind of indeterminate sex. I like to think that it is a man, making the bathing portrayed more interesting.

Tonight, Michigan State faces Oklahoma in the NCAA basketball tournament. State has done better than predicted this year, making it to the sweet-sixteen, but then no one should bet against Tom Izzo or his Spartans, IMHO. If MSU should somehow find itself still alive at the end of this weekend, then it will be heading to Indianapolis for the final four. Yesterday there, the Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law a so-called “defense of religion” act, which was enacted shortly after the state’s “defense of marriage” act was overturned. The timing of these events is not coincidental. Defense of religion acts are designed to allow people to discriminate against other people, either because the voices in their heads tell them to, or they just hate gay people. Not even Arizona’s Jan Brewer was stupid enough to do that. Calls for boycotting the state were swift in coming, leaving the NCAA in an embarrassing position, especially since it is headquartered in Indianapolis. While the NCAA has made only cautious statements about studying the situation, others have been bolder. I am pleased with the response from GEN CON, the largest fantasy gaming convention around. They lobbied against the law’s passage, but being locked into a five-year contract, walking away was not an option. Instead, they have reached out to more positive elements from Indy, all the while looking elsewhere for the future. Witches and fairies need to lookout for their own kind.

The plasterer finished his work today, on time and under budget. We are pleased with his workmanship too. So pleased that we contracted with him to do also do the painting. Originally, we had planned to do that work, but this will be much faster and easier. Plus the results should also be better.

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  1. MSU moves on. Of course, while I was rooting for msu inside, my bracket came out on the short end with Oklahoma.

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