Eat Here, Get Gas

Eat at the Manhattan Café

Eat at the Manhattan Café

I think that I’ve taken this picture before. It is from the Manhattan Café in Clayton. It is styled as a fifties soda shop, with period memorabilia, which primarily consists of Elvis record jackets, although they do have a few nice pieces, like this “Eat” sign. They also have a period Texaco gas pump, so the sign could say “Eat Here, Get Gas”, which has always been one of my favorite roadside signs. Interestingly the music was from the seventies, including Bachman Turner Overdrive’s Taking Care of Business and Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, “Which one is Pink?” Anne asked me that when I retire, would I be playing Taking Care of Business every morning, but I think that I maxed out that dance card in college.

We didn’t ride today, but I signed up for the MUP, the League of Michigan Bicyclist’s (LMB) Michigan Upper Peninsula ride. We’ve done their Lake Michigan ride twice and Anne was going to do this ride solo, but I decided that I could get enough time off to accompany her. We’ve seen this ride parade past the cabin, down 6 Mile, many times. We’ve even rode out to join them. While wearing the previous year’s LMB jersey, many riders thought that we were part of the tour when we rendezvoused with them at the Dancing Crane.

We walked over there for a late lunch / early diner. We just needed to get out of the house. We had spent most of the day preparing for the plasterer. All of the books are moved. We have way too many books. The walls are now bare and we have a plan forward for the furniture. There is still much work to do, but we are over the hump and tomorrow will be a bike day.

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