Global Finches GoPro

I attached the GoPro to the crook that holds the front yard birdfeeders. There it was positioned only a foot from the globe feeder. I then used my iPhone to control the camera, from inside the warm house. I don’t think that some of the wings were rendered entirely accurately though. I think that some of their odd bending and folding is an artifact of the wing’s rapid motion and the camera’s relatively slower shutter speed. I don’t think that the GoPro has a physical shutter. When it is connected to the iPhone it sends a continuous image. When you ask it to take a picture though, it must store that image. There must be enough of a delay in this process that object moving sufficiently fast appear distorted in the final picture. I’ve include one particularly egregious example, where a goldfinch’s wings appear disembodied in front of the rest of the bird. Still every part of these birds is captured with amazing sharpness and clarity. While not quite National Geographic quality, they are still rather amazing photographs. I love my GoPro!

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