Round and Around the Gerbil Wheel

Forepaugh and Sells Brothers

Forepaugh and Sells Brothers

I rode round and around the Forest Park bike trail on Saturday. Anne had taken off with Joanie to go see the Best of Missouri, which is basically a shopping experience that is held every year at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was unseasonably cold on Saturday and very windy too. I discovered that Wydown, between Big Bend and Skinker had been scraped, in preparation for laying new asphalt this coming week. At least I hope so. This made for unpleasant bicycling and I avoided Wydown on the way home.

I went home by way of Schnucks and dropped off my iPhone again for repair at the Fox Paw kiosk. I found out some more about the company then, by speaking with the attendant. This is a Saint Louis startup. The machine that I use is one of only two that are currently in service, although there are plans to add another six machines this week. I hope that the new machines are more reliable than the one that I frequent. It only sometimes works, necessitating the presences of a human monitor every day. Every time that it does function correctly, it does so with a visible sense of relief from its human monitor. On Saturday, I never got the alerting phone call or email from Fox Paw that my phone was ready for pickup, like I was supposed to receive. I just went back to the store at the time that it was supposed to be there. The attendant found it in the machine’s database and got the machine to cough it up.

I did end up having to pay for the second fix on the iPhone, which I guess is fair, because I did sit on it, although I still question the durability of the glass that Fox Paw uses. It was explained to me after the fact that glass fronts and backs are never warranted. That was the first that I had ever heard about that. The 10% off repeat business gift card that is included with every repair didn’t work either and the attendant had to enter in her own code. I will have to be very, very careful with my iPhone from now on, because I really don’t want to have to deal with Fox Paw again.

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