Looking Up

Last night I had a thought, gentlemen now-a-bed shall think themselves accursed they did not see the blood-red moon. It was an eerie sight and must have scared our ancient ancestors to no end, when one of these eclipses occurred. They lived in a time when demons and spirits roamed the earth and the night was as ominous as the day was bright.

I got up last night at 2:30 AM CDT and observed and photographed the total lunar eclipse, the so-called blood-red moon. It was much darker than a normal full moon, but then it is in the earth’s shadow. It gets its red color in much the same way as sunrises and sunsets are red in hue. The only sunlight that shines on this moon and is then reflected back to earth, must first travel through the earth’s atmosphere and be refracted around the earth’s limb. I stayed up until 3:30, witnessing the totality of the totality. Anne got up and took a peek at it too.

Checking Facebook the next morning, I was not alone in having posted photos of the eclipse. Both Gina and Kelly had posted photos too. As awesome as this experience was, there was a downside and that first occurred at 6 AM. With fifteen minutes until the alarm would go off, Anne rolled over again and muttered, “Sleep harder, dammit!”

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