Rain Soaked Seattle

Rain Soaked

Rain Soaked

We four (Jay, Carl, Anne and I) walked downtown; reversing the hike I had made last night, the main difference besides direction was the weather. Yesterday, it was sunny and fair. Today we marched into a steadily increasing rain. With this post’s graphic, I’ve attempted to capture this watery disillusion. By the time that we made it downtown, I was beginning to suffer from leak through. We parted ways with Jay and Carl outside the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), where we were headed. They had another mile or two to go to make their Sounder’s soccer game, which meant standing out in the rain for another two hours. At least the Sounders won. I hope that they are just as successful next week, when we’ll join them for their next game. Jay and Carl were chillin’ when we finally got back to their house.

In SAM, we met Steve, part of the staff. At first, he kind of creeped me out, but I soon realized that it was just part of his shtick. He turned out to be quite helpful. We ended up eating at the Iranian place that he had recommended. It was all good. We trekked through SAM to Pikes Place Market. It was very crowded there with all of the international tourists. We’ve both been there before, me as soon as last weekend. Anne toured both a quilt shop and a yarn store. My review is totally in favor of the knitting store. It’s all about husband seating. At the quilt shop, I ended up sitting in the labeled ‘husband chair’. At the quilt shop it was outside the store, a single metal back chair. In the yarn store, there were two cushy chairs, inside the store. I’m just saying. We (me) also hit the Pike micro-brewery for a beer, while Anne was quilting.

After lunch, we returned to SAM. Their big exhibit was Miró, a Spanish modern artist. I was underwhelmed with his paintings, but did like his sculpture, even if and maybe because they dwelled upon female body parts. Well, maybe because they did. We spent a little more time in the rest of the museum and I was rewarded with some new exhibits from last summer. I got tired and Anne and I bolted. Using Google maps we found our bus, just as it was pulling up in the bus tunnel. With a friendly woman driver, I look forward to extending this inaugural experience with Seattle’s mass transit system. In truth, yesterday’s Link ride was my first, but we’ll be doing the buses for most of the rest of the week.

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