Doing It in the Rain

Carl and Jay at the EMP

Carl and Jay at the EMP

Friday morning at work was a bit of a goat rope, but we got the old parts out and the new ones in and now were spinning like a top. Jay and Carl and I got together on Friday night for dinner. We did Mexican. I sloughed up Seattle’s one-and-only highway, also-know-as the I-5, and met them at their new and improved 1920s homestead. And I thought that I owned the oldest house in the family, with my sporty 1937 coupe. Their place is really nice; especially the kitchen, but I haven’t even seen the upstairs yet.

Saturday, we hooked up again in the morning. Jay was in Skype mode with Rey when I arrived, it was good to speak with him. We drove to the Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle, and then started walking uphill from there. Up Queen Anne’s Hill we marched. Over hill and over another hill we marched some more, about five miles in all. We started dry, but it started to rain by our turn around point, the Amgen plant where they are growing genetically enhanced zombies to take over our jobs, wives and lives, but they have this really neat pedestrian walkway, it is all double helix. Jay had once told me that if you don’t do it in the rain, you don’t do it in Seattle.

We had lunch at McMenamins, a very nice pub. The beers there were rated everywhere from Sunday. They were numerically quantified for alcohol content, color and bitterness. International bitterness units are hard to put into context. How does my relatively bitter beer stack up next to a scorned lover? After lunch we did the EMP, where Carl’s Sagan regularly hangs out. Jay, Carl and I were all tired by then, but we persevered. I got the above photo of them there. We took the back roads back to their house and called it a night, but tomorrow it’s again, game-on, oh-yeah!

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