The History of Future Folk

“The History of Future Folk” is a goofy, low-budget film that embraces both its goofiness and its lack of special effects. It has a 96 on the Tomato-meter and is available now on Netflix. This picture tells the exaggerated origin story of the real-life bluegrass band, Future Folk that has been enthralling audiences of the NYC nightclub scene for a decade. It has great folk music, humor and charm.

The above clip shows two guys in snazzy red spacesuits with bucket helmets. These characters are Kevin and General Trius, also-know-as Bill, at least to his wife. They are space aliens from the planet Hondo. Trius was sent here a decade ago to wipeout the human race. You see the planet Hondo is about to be wiped-out by a gigantic comet and the people of Hondo need someplace else to live, so why not Earth? He was about to do the deed, when he heard music for the first time. They don’t have music on Hondo. They also don’t have buckets, which explains the helmets. Later, Kevin came to earth to assassinate Bill, but also fell under the sway of Earth music. Can both Earth and Hondo be saved? Will Bill and his wife makeup? What about Kevin and that police officer? The trailer poses these questions better than I, watch it and then watch the movie. Hondo!

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