The Blizzard of ‘14

Anne-bominable Snow Person

Anne-bominable Snow Person

Yes siree sonny, I remember the Blizzard of ’14. Some like the Weather Channel, said it was some sort of Ion storm, probably caused by some flaring in the solar corona. Others say it was an Arctic vortex, sweeping down upon us from the North Pole, like some sort of black hole of absolute zero. And to think just a little over a week ago, we were expecting nice things for all the good little boys and girls from that direction. I think that it was just one of those good old-fashioned, garden variety blizzards and not the kind that they sell at Dairy Queen. A blizzard is a blizzard and that’s all it is, it ain’t no more. It doesn’t need any fancy names. Just let it be what it wants to be, because it’s going to anyway.

So, we got our foot of snow. Now the mercury is rocketing downward and the wind is howling loudly like a banshee. Anne is spending all day staring through the kitchen window. I guess if it gets much worst, I’ll have to let her in.

Thank you, Mister Jackson.

PS – The current top picture in Chris’s Camera on the sidebar, Gravity At Work – Golden Sunset, Asilomar Beach – Pebble Beach, CA, has gotten over 75,000 hits in the first two days that it has been posted. Chris said that there was a boy knocking over the other piles of stones, but Chris prevented him from knocking over this one, at least until he got the shot.

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  1. I almost feel guilty to not be participating in the Blizzard of ’14.
    Letting Anne in made me laugh out loud. Well set up.

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