Ya’all’ve a Merry Christmas

A Christmas Toast

A Christmas Toast

I must have been a good boy this year, because I got the greatest present this Christmas, a Go Pro camera. It was a gift from Jay and Carl, who couldn’t have helped but notice that I like to take lots and lots of photos, while they squired me around Seattle last fall. I’ve lusted after this camera for many years, but knew that Anne would disapprove of me buying yet another camera. Maybe Jay and Carl figured that with a Go Pro that I might be able to better keep up with them, the next time we are walking around Seattle? I’ve seen the Go Pro promotional video hundreds of times. I even saw it for a long while, while I was waiting in line at REI a couple of days ago, buying Anne’s gift. Me and the guy behind me were both admiring the video, all the while both of us realized the futility of either of us trying to duplicate its production values, but I’ll try Jay, I’ll try.

Jay and Carl’s Christmas package came with the note, “To Mark, open me first.” It echoed the old Kodak Christmas ad campaign. I can see Carl’s hand in that note. That idea didn’t work out too well. The camera’s packaging was so tough that everyone else’s presents were already open before I got the camera even half unwrapped. I eventually half-mastered the beast. An app on the iPhone helped a lot. It also allowed me to wirelessly control the camera, which added to my further enjoyment by allowing me to terrorize the boys, with the prospect of remote surveillance. I had planned an animated GIF showing a time-lapse from table setting to dinner, but muffed the product, better luck next time.

That’s Joanie behind Dave.

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