Snowy Saturday

The storm started on Friday evening as rain, but we woke up to a blanket of new fallen snow on Saturday morning, about 1”. It was the heavy, wet and slushy variety, perfect for packing snowballs. Anne and I got right out in it and spent the rest of the morning trudging through Oak Knoll Park and then Concordia Seminary. We stopped at Big Daddy’s Cheesecake for breakfast. It is across Clayton from St. Mary’s Hospital. We’ll have to try their cheesecake someday. We got their gingerbread men cookies for one of our two parties that night. On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store and picked up fixings for the other party. Later, we drove to Ted Drewes to get our Christmas tree and a little something extra, then did some Christmas shopping. I fixed a Moroccan Carrot Salad, using a new recipe. It involved sautéing lemons in olive oil, which really set off the recipe. That was our day.

Our first party was Kelly’s biker party. There were plenty of old faces there, but also many new ones too. Kelly led a few of the guys on a night bike ride. I did not partake. Kelly rides with a faster crowd than I can keep up with. Our second party was Joe’s Christmas cookie party. This is a party from my work. We’ve been going to this party for several years now and as an institution it has been around for over twenty years. Usually, we mix it up and get right in there and make cookies too, but since we arrived late and the party was already going pretty well by then, we didn’t this time.

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