Once More Unto The Breach

Flame On!

Flame On!

Dear friends, I have not written a good political rant in quite some time. I think that that is about to change. Regular readers who do not share my political views can tune in again tomorrow. I promise to return to my regularly scheduled programming by then. To new or casual readers, you are on your own; I’ll not tip my hat just yet. Finally, to we few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters; for he or she today that shares my politics shall be my [brother | sister]; be they Republican or Democrat, this post shall gentle their condition; and gentle folk in England America now-a-bed shall think themselves accursed that they did not read it here first, and hold their political courage cheap whilst any speaks that thought the same as us, one week ’til budget shutdown day!

Unless you have been living under a rock or really are some gentle and rather clueless bloke from England, then you must know that our elected leaders are girding their loins for yet another titanic political battle of the century. DAH DAHDAHHHH! I’ll let the games begin in one moment, but first let me set the scene. A week from today, October 1st, is the beginning of the US Government’s fiscal year. This happens every year at this time, so it shouldn’t come as any big surprise. In years past a new budget would have been passed before this date and be sitting there ready to take effect. Things have unraveled a bit since then. First, budgets weren’t passed in time and a temporary Continuing Resolution (CR) was passed instead, sort of a stop-gap measure. Then the CR became de rigueur and all hope of passing a real budget went out the window. Now we find that even passing a CR is fraught with peril.

Last Friday the Republican-led House on an almost strictly party line vote passed a CR, abet with a poison pill embedded. It defunded Obamacare. Who would believe that President Obama would sign a bill that gutted his most signature piece of legislation and for what, only two-and-a-half months of budget? Why Speaker Boehner allowed this to occur is no mystery. He and most of his caucus have allowed themselves to be held hostage by their radical right-wing Tea Party members for some time now. Boehner is so afraid of losing his job that he has forgotten to do his job. As Speaker of the House, the second most important leader in Washington, he certainly doesn’t act like a powerful man. Under Pelosi, the Speaker ran the House, not the other way around. She never cowered in fear of her own caucus. She controlled it. Compared with Speaker Pelosi, Boehner really is a Nancy boy.

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