Powerball Jackpot

Cone Flowers and Insect Pollinators

Cone Flowers and Insect Pollinators

For the past couple of days it rained at work.
For the past couple of days there was no rain at home.
I don’t know about Spain,
But here the rain does fall mainly on the planes.
– an airport joke

All righty then, as I was trundling into work this morning, I noticed that the Powerball jackpot had crept up to $400 million. I pass a Powerball billboard everyday on my way into work. $400M is a sizable pot and I definitely considered purchasing a ticket after work. I never really expect to win. I can do the math well enough that I know that lotteries are just a tax on those who can’t. Still, how else am I expected to join the 1%?

On those occasions that I do purchase a lottery ticket, I am most rewarded when I pass that billboard. I’m still ten minutes out from work, which is just the right amount of time to spin out a day-dream. I typically fantasize about what I would do with my mythical millions. If I had one wish, it would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace. Otherwise, I dream about what I would buy with the money.

A discussion at work about winning this lottery was the genesis for this post. Pat advised me that the first things that you need to do is, “Change your phone number and then hire a lawyer.” Pat is a frequent lottery participant. Jeff offered a unique perspective. Jeff is a bit of a big spoon, he likes to stir things up. Jeff’s idea was along the lines of a good offense makes for a good defense. Instead of following Pat’s approach of hunkering down and trying to hide, Jeff enjoys fighting back. Jeff plans on hiring someone to pester back his former co-workers and acquaintances. This individual would contact these prospective money hounds, lead them on, interrogate them and generally just mess with them. As I’ve said, Jeff is a big spoon. Jeff’s employee would monthly summarize all contacts, which Jeff might or might not read. I think that he is better qualified to be a member of the 1% than I am. I tried buying a ticket tonight, but ahead of me in line was an elderly man, who was trying to pay a $243.39 utility bill. His real world problems trumped my dream world ones. I left then and maintained my stature in good stead as a member of the 99%.

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