Tall Ship’s Redux

I arrived back at the cabin last night after another marathon drive. Dan was here, but left this morning by bus for parts south, Liz and tomorrow’s flight back to LA. Anne and I put Dan on the bus to Detroit early to morning. This happened to be the same bus that Lisi and Grace, college friends of Ashlan, just happened to be disembarking from. Lisi and Grace, fellow Word-pressers, have been bicycling from Seattle. We bade goodbye to Dan and welcome to Lisi and Grace. We first took them out to breakfast at Frank’s on Portage. Next we took them to the locks. Two tall ships were immediately expected, so we hung around the little museum, even after the rain began.

It turned into a gully washer, so we waited it out watching films of COE Soo history. Eventually, the rain relented, but still no ETA on the tall ships. We headed back to the cabin, introduced the girls to the rents and waited out the rest of the rain. After it cleared, we walked the beach and watched two tall ships descend.

We went to the Dancing Crane and then the lighthouse next. Most of the lighthouse was closed for roofing work. A docent told us that Saturday at one PM all of the tall ships would gather off of Gros Cap, set sail and race towards Duluth. Dinner was a lively affair, with Kayak Women leading the charge.

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