They Will Not Die

I was watching the final game in the movie Major League, for the umpteen time. It’s a great baseball fantasy story. After the movie, I still wanted to watch more fantasy baseball. I switched to YouTube and watched excerpts from the Natural. Then I thought about some real life fantastic baseball, Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. I expected to find poor quality fan excerpts, but was pleasantly surprised to find the original broadcast in its entirety. This video is not pirated, but is courtesy of Major League Baseball.

This game was held in Saint Louis. Going into this game the Texas Rangers led the series 3-2. The Cardinals had to win this game or it would all be over. For 10 innings that night, the Cardinals never led the game. And then one batter into the bottom of the 11th, suddenly they did. Twice, once in the ninth and again in the tenth, the Cards were down to their last out, their last strike and twice they came back and tied it up again. “They will not die”, the sportscaster exclaimed. While the game started out sloppy, what with five errors in the first five innings. It hardly seemed like a game that might echo through the ages. After the fifth inning though both teams settled down and night’s duel commenced in earnest. For any fan of baseball, this game is one for the ages. For a Cardinal fan, it is pure exquisite baseball gold.

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