A Chance Encounter

Trader Joe's too Close to LAX

Trader Joe’s too Close to LAX

We were going to do the Trailnet ride this morning, but someone wouldn’t get out of bed. I’m sorry to admit that that someone was me. So, instead we did a more modest city ride. We had launched from the house, were headed towards the park and were waiting at the interminable light at Clayton. This light was adjusted several years ago, when the New I-64 was closed for reconstruction. More time was given to traffic on Clayton, leaving longer waits to get out of the neighborhood. Why it hasn’t been switched back, I do not know.

So, we were waiting at this light and Mary rode up to us. Mary, of Phil and Mary fame, is a fellow Team Kaldis member. We’ve also bicycled Door County, Montreal and Quebec together. We’re neighbors and she had just ridden by our house, so it wasn’t so strange that she could conjure us up for a bike ride. We invited her to join us and her company made for a delightful alternative to a ride that we’ve done often enough to become somewhat boring, the run through Forest Park, to Tower Grove Park. We shared a delightful lunch at Local Harvest, on Morganford.

On the way home, Carl of A & M Bicycles came out to say hello, while we were waiting at the light in front of his store. Kickball season was in full swing in Tower Grove Park. One of the pavilions in the park had a huge throng gathered. As we wade through it, a woman on a loud-speaker system was telling the story of the passing of her husband and his funeral arrangements that included stuffing his internal organs into various animal headed Egyptian canopic jars. It was very strange. Finally, as we were ascending Wydown, a helicopter took to circling low over our heads, like it was looking for something. That too was odd, but offered enough of a tie in use the photo with this post.

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