Priya, Our New Baby Elephant

Ellie, a 42-year-old Asian elephant at the Saint Louis Zoo, gave birth to a baby girl last month. The calf was about 38 inches tall and weighed 251 pounds at birth. The baby elephant was voted to be named Priya (PREE-yah), which means dear or beloved. Runner-up names include Willow, Violet, Cai and Harper. Priya was born on April 26th. She first became available for viewing by the general public this week. Anne went bicycling in Forest Park this morning and stopped off at the zoo to take these pictures.

Yesterday was the last day of school year for Anne. That makes today Anne’s first day of summer vacation. She has big plans for this summer. These plans include lots of biking, knitting, quilting and maybe a few chores too. She doesn’t need to paint the bathroom again, like she did last summer, because it still looks fine. Come July she will journey north to Michigan and open the family’s cabin on Lake Superior for the summer. In mid-August she will reprise the West Shoreline Bicycle Tour that we rode a couple of years ago. This should put her in fine shape for this year’s annual MS-150 charity ride. You go girl!

In other family news, Dave is due to return to the USA from a week’s vacation in Costa Rica tomorrow. He and a University of Rochester classmate, signed up for this tour, in part to celebrate his friends graduation from medical school. Anne lent him her camera, so hopefully, he took a lot of nice photos.

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