First Citizen

It has been a busy weekend for the First Citizen and I. Trust me; you’ll get tired of this my new moniker for Anne, before I will. Friday night, Anne was named Citizen of the Year by the Maplewood-Richmond Heights School District, but I’ve already written about this. Citizens, to arms …

First thing Saturday morning, we drove to Laumeier for a walk in the park. Laumeier is a sculpture park. It was cool, but bright. After looking at a few of the new artworks together, we walked our separate ways. I continued examining the myriad of sculptures on the grounds, while Anne, I mean the First Citizen, concentrated on the abundant signs of spring that were budding out everywhere. I’ve shared a few of our photos here. We eventually rendezvoused at The Way, the park’s signature piece. Then it was time for breakfast.

Breakfast was at Spencer’s Grill in Kirkwood. This example of the iconic American diner has been in business since 1947. Its clock motif has been counting the minutes ever since. Returning home, I mowed the front lawn for the first time this year. The back lawn is still covered with spring beauties. I helped our new neighbor, Molly, mow her lawn too. She has a human-powered mower that was not up to the task. I know, because for almost thirty years I had one too and dreaded the year’s first mowing. I’ve switched to electric. Afterwards, I went for a bike in the park.

The First Citizen went to the yarn store. She is knitting a cap for me. She has a button that says, “Keep calm and carry yarn”, a play on “Keep calm and carry on”. One of her colleagues at school told her about a Boston appropriate version that said, “Keep wicked calm and carry the hell on”. This cap is a two-sided complicated patterned affair and Anne has been wrestling with it. She took it to the yarn expert for help. The expert told her that she would need a magnifying glass to see the mistake in question and if anyone ever complained about it, “Either kiss them or smack them”. So far it’s still kisses all around.

Saturday night was trivia night. Joanie, her friend Pat and a table full of other smart people were there. Pat is also my colleague. I don’t know if trivia night is just a Saint Louis thing or if other locales also partake in it too. This was a fund-raising event for Pat’s church. I’ve never been much enamored these events, partly because I’m not that good at it, but this night was different. We were winning. After ten rounds, we, being table #4 were in contention. We had been alternately tied for the lead or trailing by only a point table #10. We also had table #1 nicking at our heels. After the final round, we were tied for the lead with table #1. #10 had exploded at the finish line, sort of speak. We got our money back, but it was already way too late.

That’s enough for one post. Sunday’s telling will have to wait, stay tuned …

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