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Dan sent us an update on his doings this week. The film that he was working on wrapped up about two weeks ago. In addition to set building he also carved a wooden African mask that played a larger symbolic role in the film then he at first realized, “no pressure”. Photos show it in various stages of the carving process and then finally finished on the set. The film was about a Japanese man who wanted to commit Hari-Kari and then asks an African immigrant man, who he has taken under his wing to help him. I’m guessing that the shot pictured is of the shrouded body of the Japanese man, with the African facemask on his chest.

Additionally, he had two job interviews for a position as a library assistant working for at a downtown art school. He hasn’t gotten it yet though, so keep your fingers crossed. The other big news is that he finished the most recent dining table and it came out well. See for yourself. Dan has also landed a couple of more commissions, one for a kitchen island and another for a pair of desks.

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