Sex in the Trees

Pine Pollen Clouds on Yosemite Valley Floor

Last May, on our last day in Yosemite, we climbed above the valley floor, about a thousand feet up. We made it to the lookout above the lower Yosemite Falls. Mostly we watched where we were placing our feet. It was a rough, rock strewn trail and one’s footing was often uncertain. When we weren’t watching where we were going, views of the valley, its floor and opposite wall were few and far between. Trail side trees usually obscured the view. On the few occasions when we were both gasping for breath and also offered a good view, we took advantage of it. This post’s photo is the product of one of those views. May is still spring time in this alpine clime. The pine trees were pumping out pollen. This much was certain even before we began this hike. Any light-colored surface on the valley floor had a greenish tinge to it. It was only when we climbed above the floor that you could actually see the clouds of pine pollen as they floated above the tree line.

2 thoughts on “Sex in the Trees

  1. I can almost sneeze looking at that photo. I was initially thinking back to my May trip to Yosemite years ago, and didn’t remember sneezing. Perhaps it was because the 10″ of snow kept the pollen rather grounded. 😉

  2. The blogger’s spovely louse wishes to point out that we hiked to the base of the upper falls, which is higher than the top of the lower falls. Give yourself credit, kiddo!

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