Fire to the People!

Skip Stewart’s Prometheus

The photograph with this post is from last July’s fourth of celebratory airshow. In the picture above, we can all see the pretty airplane flying low over the Mississippi River, trailing smoke, but I really want to draw your attention to the people standing on the observation decks, behind the aircraft. They are much closer and have a much better view of the airshow than I did. They are predominantly African-Americans and that is part of the East Saint Louis waterfront. Back in June, Anne and I were standing there. It was the turnaround point of what for this year was our most memorable bicycle ride. I’ve blogged about it already, in East Mound City.

Their Prometheus for whom this park is named is Malcolm W. Martin. There is a statue of him on the upper deck. He certainly brought fire to his community, I just pray that the gods didn’t punish him for his deeds.

Skip Stewart is an airline transport pilot, certified flight instructor, and has owned and operated an acrobatic flight school on top of his ten years of experience entertaining airshow fans around the world. His flying has been featured in several national and international magazines, including Sports Illustrated and Auto Pilot. He flies a modified Pitts S-2S he calls “Prometheus” that he custom-built himself.

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