Farm to Market

One of Anne’s Many Beach Sunset

The picture with this post is another one of Anne’s cabin sunsets. She took a million of them. This is fast becoming, with some luck and maybe some inadvertent repetition, a weekly series. This promise is similar to my bi-weekly political diatribe promise. Except the promise of a cabin sunset a week is a minimum, while the political rants are a maximum. I’m good on sunsets for the week, but I’m only at half of quota on political rants. Hey, isn’t there another debate tonight? I think so, the battle of the understudies, Biden versus Ryan. Stay tuned tomorrow.

I raved about my work this morning so much that I didn’t get to tell you about Anne’s day. Wednesday, the fourth grade ran their first ever farmer’s market. The school has a gardener that manages the garden, teaches nutrition and generally tries to connect these urban students to where their food really comes from. This being harvest season, it was time to pick some crops, bring them to market and sell them. Anne brought home tomatoes and rosemary.

Anne got to meet some of the parents of the children in her class. She’ll meet them more formally later this month, at parents-teachers night. One of the mothers offered Anne a sort of complement, saying that her child had told her that Mrs R. was kind of hard. At this point in our dinnertime conversation, I had to interrupt. Anne is hard? No way, Pooh is plush. This brought a smile to my wife.

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