Art Opening


Beach denizen Moe had an art opening this last summer, up in the Soo. She told us about it while we were down at Doelle’s place. It was held at the UP Focus on the Arts studio. She had a beautiful show and I got her to pose in front of her signature piece, “Cat Tails”. Moe is a fiber artist and most of her shown work was in the ‘hooked rug’ medium. I would have loved to have had that piece she is seen standing in front of.

On the LA art scene, Dan has scored a place. It is located in downtown LA, in the ‘art district’, an old factory area that is being reclaimed. He has been couch surfing since he gave up his summer cat (and rabbit) sitting gig. Kudos to Annie and Amanda, his twin guarding angels. He and roommate Josh will move in by the first of next month. Dan sounded so excited about this place. We are so glad for him too.

Job prospects include UC and Webster postings, but those are long-term prospects. There are the gallerys that he has been working this summer, but they haven’t made much money for him. He has a stop-gap Photoshop job for now.

Moe with her ‘CAT TAILS’

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