First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon

Last Saturday, was the first day of Fall, which coincides with the autumnal equinox. It was also when the first quarter moon last occurred. Last Saturday, was part of a dark and stormy weekend in Ann Arbor, but it did clear for a while on Saturday night. This was fortunate, because our 40th high school reunion was held then, in an open air venue.

Next time, at our 50th reunion, our class will have mostly morphed from working adults to retired seniors, except for a few holdouts. These superannuated workers may want to continue to work, but most will do so, because they have to. The Great Recession will ensured that more than otherwise will continue to hold jobs ten years from now.

Most of our classmates had children, but I was surprised at how few of them spoke of grandchildren. I didn’t see a single baby picture. Maybe Anne has a different take?

The airs of pretentiousness have faded with each decade’s reunion. With the passage of time the need to impress former classmates continues to recede. Combining all of the city’s schools into one reunion ensured a good turnout. Future reunions will have no such expediencies to arrest the declining classmate population.

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