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Today is Election Day! Well, it is for me. I bet you wish that the same was true for you too. Then this whole political saga would be over. I voted this morning (#21) and Anne is working the polls as an Election Official. My vote was simple, just one vote to cast for just one of two women. Two incumbant Democratic State Representatives were shoe-horned by gerrymander into the 87th District. The August primary found them only one vote apart. An automatic recount found that a hundred voters were allowed to vote, when they shouldn’t have been. They should have voted in a different Representative district. A judge ordered a do-over. Today is Election Day!

It is not the Election Day that you thought it was. That one is still in November, even if you do vote early. It is unusual to have an Election Day in Missouri that falls on a Monday. Tuesday is the prefered day of the week, but tomorrow, September 25th, is the day that the November ballot is finalized.  If you are on the ballot tomorrow and you die the day after, then we can still vote for you in November. I know, because I’ve done it. I was proud to have elected a dead man. Governor Mel Carnahan (D) was running for the US Senate. He died in an October plane crash. He was elected, his widow came forward and his Lieutenant Governor appointed her. QED

Tuesday, is also the final day for Representative Todd Akin (R) (Mister “Legitimate Rape”) to bow out of this year’s US Senate campaign. He is challenging incumbant Senator Claire McCaskill (D). At time of posting, this action seems highly unlikely. Per D (the OLD friend), Romney’s sinking prospects are leading Republican strategists to shore up down-ballot spots. Jim DeMint (R) is rallying social conservative support for Akin and Newt Gingrich (R), never one to change his mind has flopped back into bed with Akin.

All this Republican makeup sex won’t wash away the oceans of soundbites that these same pundits crashed down upon Akin in the wake of his mistake. The day after tomorrow, Claire will no longer be constrained. She will no longer fear the escape of the fish that she so deftly angled into the Republican nomination. She will be free to let loose a broadside or two, nay many at Mr. Akin. I wonder how he will respond to having his own words shot back at him?

The poster pictured with this post is my father-in-law’s. He is a loving husband and a kind father to three daughters that have all been taught to be the independent women that they are. Besides for Harry, I’m sure that it is all about beer. 😉

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