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Rolling Stone Cover

Rolling Stone Cover

This picture is the cover of the bio-book for Anne’s and mine 40th high school reunion. We were not proactive enough to submit our bios, but it was enjoyable reading those that did. Some were serious accounts of their lives, while other had their tongues firmly placed in their cheeks. Friend and groomsman Peter told a somewhat fanciful recounting of his career over the past forty years. He worked odd jobs from Pinto fuel tank designer for Ford, to navigator for the Exxon Valdez, with layovers as a consultant to the Ukrainian nuclear power industry and an election official in Florida. Certainly a storied, it not exactly a starry career. I guess his work in IT was just a cover?

The ‘high-five’ reunion speaks to the five Ann Arbor high schools that have joined in this reunion, Pioneer, Huron, Earthworks (also-known-as Pioneer II), Greenhills and Saint Thomas. Think of this weekend as a grand reunion tour, like getting the band back together. Ageist jokes aside like, “Still rocking, in spite of the gray”, “Can they remember?”, and “put to the test as they try to relive their glory years”, I must say that many of my classmates still look pretty good. Our mortality rate has been surprisingly low. This is all goodness for a population with a median age of 58 and a standard deviation of less than a year.

This book’s cover features Bob Seger, rock-and-roll musician and Pioneer High alum. Back in 1972 Seger had working as a Detroit area performer. He played a concert at Pioneer in January of ’72. He headlined along with the MC5. This show was Anne and mine’s first date. This was before he became more famous and successful, with such hits as Against the Wind, Night Moves and Old Time Rock and Roll. The ‘rumors’ of his rare surprise appearance seem somewhat fanciful, but stay tuned until tomorrow, to know for sure.

Last night was a dark and stormy night and tonight is shaping up to be a repeat. Anne had planned on wearing the same shear dress that she had worn at our 30th reunion, but with wind, rain and temperatures in the low forties, she has retreated to wool. Did I mention that tonight’s party is under a tent? 

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