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Watch Your Line, Not Me

Saturday night, Anne was still feeling under the weather, so I went alone to Trailnet’s chilli cook-off banquet. It was billed as “Beans, Brews & Bikes”. Team Kaldi’s was represented by Don, Stu and Nancy, Phil and Mary, Tom, Dennis and Kelly. Trailnet moved their banquet to Immaculate Conception, in Maplewood, so neighboring Schlafly Beer was available on tap.

Sunday morning, I rode in the park. Bike races were going-on. I took pictures using my big gun, the Canon 5D. It was fast enough to adequately capture the cyclists, as they sped by me. The iPhone was not, at least in HDR mode. I ended up with a ghostly double exposure effect. The new OS has a feature that allows you to launch the camera directly from the screen-lock screen. Without this feature, I wouldn’t have been able to get a shot off at all. It started to rain, so I headed for home. I got 16 miles.

I spoke with bro, Chris, today. He called, while I was in the park. Apparently 4G does not support Facetime. His big news, was that he sold one of his photographs. “Leslie’s View“, was the view out the office window of his boss, Leslie. This was when the office was down in Canary Row. The office moved inland to Ryan Ranch, but I guess that they missed the view, because they bought Chris’s photo for $1000. Chris had it custom framed, so he only cleared $100, but a sale is a sale. Congratulations, Chris!

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