Bad Girls

Uh... Watch our and keep uour mouth shut

The \ above \ photo, \ along \ with \ the \ following \ cryptic \ caption,
"Uh... \ Watch \ our \ and \ keep \ uour \ mouth \ shut", \ landed \ in \ our
mailbox. \ It \ was \ sent \ from \ "Your \ own \ personal \ Master \ of \ the
Universe", \ all-so-known-as, \ Mr. \ Bill. \ It \ pictures \ Kayak
Woman \ and \ SIL \ Jane, \ two \ women, \ behaving \ badly.

The above text was written with \LaTeX. A powerful, but rather arcane markup language. I first encountered it, at the research lab, where it was being used to write mathematical formulas like this, i\hbar\frac{\partial}{\partial t}\left|\Psi(t)\right>=H\left|\Psi(t)\right>. Its sole advantage for this blog is that I can use it to mark up my text, with more freedom than I normally have, unless I pay extra. I know that this is so, so geeky, but it was a slow Saturday morning, so I played around.

Friday night, Anne and Joanie went to go see the Joffrey Ballet, a hoity-toity New York ballet company. I’m sure that it was a good show. Unfortunately, it being the beginning of her spring break, Anne was coming down with a cold. She blames those preschool three-year-olds earlier in the week. There were eighteen of them and it took three educators to successfully corral them. Because Anne wasn’t feeling up to it, I biked alone in the park. Alone is a relative word, since half of Saint Lois was there too. It was a beautiful day. I got 16 miles.

Returning to the photo with this post, I photo-shopped the two offending digits. I’m trying to keep this blog, at least PG-13 and not R-rated. I suspect alcohol was involved. The scene’s background looks like a bar-room-room-room. These two are usually found in one of these drinking establishments, on a Friday night. Then there’s the cryptic caption, I definitely smell booze on that one.

“I’m shocked, shocked to find drinking going on here.”
“Here is your drink, sir.” 
“Oh, thank you.”

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