Spring Break!

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Duchess, the natives are revolting!
Yes, I know and jolly disgusting too.

By the time that you are reading this post, Anne will be on spring break, (Woo Hoo!) and not a moment too soon. Both teachers and students look forward to their breaks. Student deportment is always an issue, just before a break. This spring break was no different.

Thursday, was a rough day. She sent two students to the office and both of them were subsequently suspended. Her sending was only the last straw that broke the camel’s back. A third student later complained to her that she had suspended those two students. I would have made a smart aleck reply, “I’m now looking for a third.” She didn’t.

Anne is the most understanding person that I have ever met. I’m glad that I married her, because she totally understands me. I am so not worthy. This is my promise to her, if she wants to spend all day, or all nine days, bicycling, knitting, quilting, or playing combinations of Sudoku, Solitaire and Mine Sweeper, I shall not comment. I’ll not mention the T-word. She has earned any pleasures, guilty or not. I pray, she takes this opportunity to rest, recover, recharge.

Now that I’ve said all of these kind things about Anne, I feel somewhat chagrined, to mention the following details. Suffice to say, even Saint Anne’s patience has its limits. One of the students that was eventually suspended, was disrupting the class, with fake coughing. Anne asked, “Are you dying?” The student said, “Yes”. Then Anne said, “I hope you don’t die, because I hate filling out paperwork.” The student responded, “Oh, if I die, my mother is going to sue you.” Anne asked, “If you die?” The student said, “Yes”. At which point, Anne was thinking, I’m sure that Brown & Crouppen are just salivating to take this case.  

According to Christian (Catholic and Eastern Orthodox) and Islamic traditions, Saint Anne was Mary’s mother, or Jesus’s grandmother. Not much more is know about her. Normally, this would be an opportunity, for me to make things up, but I’ll resist. Saint Anne is the patron saint of Detroit (who knew?), there is a connection to my Anne there. Saint Anne is also the patron saint of horseback riding, which could be construed to also include modern bicycling. A common form of art depiction, has Anne teaching the Virgin Mary how to read. Teaching? Could it really be so simple? It is to me. 😉

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